A leading news platform redesigned for the digital age

TVA Nouvelles is one of French Canada's best and most trusted source for breaking and regional news coverage. In 2015, they mandated TP1 as a strategic partner in their effort to redesign and optimize both web and mobile platforms.

Our team, consisting of UX and visual designers, crafted a renewed user experience while integrating monetisation strategies and an updated CMS. Both the website and mobile app offer users breaking international and regional news as well as up-to-date developping stories, all while promoting video views.

TVA Nouvelles



Project Type
Responsive Web Design & App Design


The Newsroom

The first step of our creative process was an extensive benchmarking of current responsive design standards and trends in the news industry. This enabled us to quickly identify good design patterns and core functionnalities, leading in to upcoming UX and strategy phases.

Content strategy
& UX design

Early on, it was important for the team to quickly visualize ideas and concepts. Pencil sketches and low-fidelity wireframes allowed us to test and validate many design as well as functionnal elements without over-investing.

Wireframes are an important part of any screen design project. On top of communicating the content strategy, they clearly illustrate the grid, the multiple breakpoints and key visual components. They are also the blueprint for all functionnal elements and the main reference for anyone involved on the project.

Visual design

With a complete platform redesign project like this one, visual design was obviously a very important component. We aimed to efficiently communicate the distinct brand values as well as facilitate content discovery through a structured grid and efficient navigation.

The editorial team needed the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing news landscape. We created three different homepage layouts focused on breaking news, developping stories and the standard layout.

The sticky sidebar reading list is at the core of the desktop experience. The infinite scroll is a great way to keep readers engaged with content and helps provide context and continuity to the article being read.

Developping stories help structure and organize ongoing news coverage. The timeline is a great way for readers to quickly understand the important issues and dive deeper when needed. 


Mobile app design

The core strategy throughout the app is to offer a distinct experience from the website all while taking advantage of  native OS functionalitites. TVA Nouvelles is positionned as the leader in breaking news so we focused the experience on a linear newsfeed as well as personalized regional content. 

Breaking news

With a modern and colorful design system, we made sure users could easily scan, read and discover relevant content. Articles can be read in detail and shared right from the newsfeed, with minimal interactions.

Popular content

The popular section offers an alternative way of discovering content. In a quick minute, users can get an overview of trending topics and articles. The Lateral navigation and swiping cards cards help digest content and promote sharing functionalities.

Rich media player

When it comes to telling any story, media is often the centerpiece. This is expecially true in the news business. We wanted to offer a seemless experience for our users by integrating rich media capabilities right in the newsfeed. Picture galleries and videos can be viewed and shared in an instant.

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