Del Bello Osteopath

Osteopathy is a hands on approach to healthcare recognizing the important link betwen all bodily systems & structures. As a newly certified practitionner, my client needed a visual identity that represented his personnality and his unique holistic approach to the practice.


Del Bello Osteopathy


Project Type
Branding & Web design


A moodboard is the best way to visually communicate the initial creative direction to my clients. For this project, I focused on natural textures and colors paired with symmetric shapes and modern serif typography.



The symbol of the hand seemed very appropriate for the type of service offered. Although it’s widely overused in the natural medicine industry, it still has it’s place given it’s strong symbolic meaning. I wanted to give the branding a modern twist while integrating organic textures and warm colors. 


Web design

Given the limited scope and the simplicity of many functionnalities, we opted for an agile iterative workflow. Basic wireframes quickly became more complex by gradually adding layers of visual design. We quickly integrated those mockups into a custom WP theme with blog, services and detail pages. 


I created minmal wireframes to validate the site’s structure and main functionnalities.


Adding more details on every round of revision.


Slowly integrating visual design elements like color, photography and UI design.


The final visual mockups. Made some ajustements on color balance and integrated some photography.


The style guide is simple in it’s form but very effective at communicating design guidelines with my developper.  Again, this reflects our intent to streamline most aspects of design and integration.