For most of my life, I called Montreal home. A vibrant cultural scene, seasonal sports and great food made it an awesome place to spend my early 20’s. Like many young professionals, it took me a couple years to really find myself. Realizing Montreal might not be the best place to create the life I envisioned, I moved to Sydney in search of new opportunities, and a warmer climate.

Three years later — now 30 years old — it’s clear I made the right decision. I’ve found a fulfilling job, adventurous friends and a place I’m excited to call home.

I’m by no means one of those “Forever wandering”, “35 countries and counting” or “Catching flights not feelings” type of person, but I’ve been to many countries. Every time I travel — whether to an exotic beach destination, a vibrant European city or back to my homeland — I get reminded how good Sydney really is; Pristine beaches, unique cafes and restaurants, open-minded people, a balanced work culture, a safe and clean city — Oh and no winters! Sure, rent is ridiculously high, you can hardly go out past 1am, and there are barely any cycling paths (seriously, wtf), but for all it lacks, Sydney is perfect for the type of life I want to live.

For me, this has been a powerful realization. I’ll definitely continue to explore the world and visit loved ones abroad, but for all that traveling brings, it’s good to know the place I call home is where I’m most excited to be. As I age, my perspective might change, but until then, you’ll find me near the beach!