Last time I wrote here I was letting you in on my plan to travel and work in Indonesia and Australia during the winter months. It's now been over a month since I left my hometown of Montreal and with the new year around the corner, I thought I would take the opportunity to follow up on my 10 travel commandments;

I shall have fun
This one has been pretty easy. Beautiful beaches, epic adventures, late nights with new friends and delicious food make it pretty hard to not have a good time! I've definitely deepened some wrinkles around my eyes from smiling a little more than usual 🙂

I shall keep fit
In the last couple of years, I've made health and fitness a top priority of mine, so this one is obviously very important to me. I've been mainly traveling in Bali, where there are very few gyms or even parks. I usually eat out every meal and go for drinks every other night. Staying consistent has been challenging to say the least! I've basically been maintaining the progress I've made over the years. That means a daily body weight circuit  and some type of cardio later in the day (jogging, surfing, yoga or tanning :)) Foodwise, I stick to meats and veggies for every meal. Also bacon. Lots of bacon. 

I shall calm my mind
One of my goals is to be generally less anxious and accept how things are rather than how they should be. Traveling obviously brings it's fair share of hassles ; Managing expenses, last minute plans, living out of a backpack, etc. They however help me keep things in perspective and adjust my outlook accordingly. Things usually work out for the best, and you just have to believe that.

I shall connect with nature
This one is also pretty easy since the places I've visited are fucking beautiful! Australia has the most insane beaches and Bali offers a tropical environment like no other.

I shall get creative
I've been keeping busy with a few of my creative work projects. However, I feel like creativity is more of a state of mind. It means opening up to people, being playful and outgoing, and having the desire to learn and explore new things. Traveling has definitely helped me in doing all those things. Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets (fitness metaphors for the win)!

I shall grow my business
Always on the grind yo. Other travelers often give me a weird look or can't help expressing their opinion when they see me working on my laptop mid-afternoon or late at night. I definitely don't mind giving up a few beers with the gang to focus on my work and build something I am proud of. I am currently working on a few new projects and have some interesting things lined up for 2016!

I shall keep learning
Traveling is by far the best way to learn new things. You meet so many people from a variety different places. They all have stories and opinions that are worth much more than any book or online course.

I shall make new friends
When you travel and stay at hostels, making friends is pretty much mandatory. Everyday is a new opportunity to meet someone new and share a few laughs. Being instrospective by nature, I definitely enjoy my time alone and have no problem going out by myslef. People always seem friendlier at the bar for some reason.

I shall appreciate being alone
No problem here. Weither it be long afternoon beach walks, working out or simply going to lunch by myslef, I have no trouble being by myself. You're actually never alone when you have food 🙂

I shall get a golden tan
Shit is goldennnnn. On the other hand, my ass cheeks have never looked so white 🙂

Since I left Montreal, I've spent 2 weeks in Australia (Byron Bay and Bondi), and 4 weeks in Bali (Canggu, Nusa, Ubud and Uluwatu). I'm now staying in Canggu for the last few weeks until I fly back to Australia after the holidays.

My initial plan was to spend the winter months working remotely from Bali. The soothing tropical environment and a blooming digital nomad community would be the perfect setting for me to focus on my work and explore new opportunities. After staying here for some weeks, I am now convinced it's NOT the best place for me to accomplish that. The overly mellow vibes, crazy heat, nightly parties and considerable time difference makes it pretty hard for me to establish an effective work schedule. I also realized that I do in fact enjoy many aspects of my Montreal lifestyle; the neighborhood coffee shop, inspiring friends and colleagues, reliable wifi, good food and a busy nightlife scene are all things that add value to my lifestyle.

I had such a good time here, but I am soooooo keen to move on and work towards creating the life I want in Sydney! Now all i have to do is perfect my accent eh!

m-a beach