This past year I started working at Canva, one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. Coming from an agency background, I expected things to be different. Flexible hours, a bigger team and inspiring offices were some of the obvious changes. Looking back a year later, there’s a few more things that made it all worth it;

The mission

We’re all on this planet for a reason. Some of us know what that reason is, others, not so much. I fall somewhere in the middle. Joining a company that has a clear and powerful mission has given me a renewed sense of purpose. I’m still not entirely sure where I’m going, but at least I know I’m part of something bigger than myself.

The people

It’s no surprise that successful startups attract great talent from all over the world. With a diverse mix of cultures, opinions and perspectives, we’re bound to have better conversations and foster stronger relationships. Work is so much better when you care for and respect your colleagues.

The expertise

Most of us wish we started a company from the ground up and grew it to Millions of users. I would argue the next best thing is to surround yourself with people that are doing just that. Working closely with visionary founders, brilliant strategists and talented engineers is the best way to learn the craft of ‘‘startup’’ and become an expert.

The opportunities

With hyper growth comes hyper change. 6 months from now I might find that my team has doubled, our offices have moved and that we’re rewriting the product almost entirely. Powering through that transformation and finding where I can add value is to best way to grow and create new advancement opportunities.

… And a dash of mystery

The best part about joining a startup is that nothing is certain. All we can do is work hard to reach our goals and provide exponential value to our community and customers. The rest should (hopefully) sort itself out.